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Join us for a FARBRENGEN in honour of the anniversary of passing of the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbbe and the anniversary of the ascendance of the Rebbe to the mantle of leadership of the Cahbad Lubavitch movement.

Light Food. Desserts. L'chaims.

About a Farbrengen:

A Farbrengen is a gathering which inspires, uplifts, and empowers.

A Farbrengen is an oasis where heartfelt melodious Chassidic tunes are sung and passionate issues about Judaism and meaningful living are discussed.

A Farbrengen is a group of people who come together to plug-in.

To feel a sense of purpose, true camaraderie and love for a fellow.

It’s Lively. It’s Passionate. It’s Soulful.

Date: Thursday, January 25
Location: The home of Peter and Louise Vadas
No fee
RSVP: or 416.551.9391

Earlier Event: January 14
Later Event: August 16
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